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Posted by Dr. Wilbert R. Mutoko | September 7th 2020

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Have you ever asked yourself what sort of people are in your circles? Have you ever intentionally subscribed to channels or followed people that could change your life? Are you a YouTuber or aspiring YouTuber? Are you into online business? I hope this story inspires you to network more and engage actively, and to have a giving heart.

Jimmy Donaldson AKA MrBeast, the philanthropic YouTuber

A popular YouTuber, from the USA, Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast has donated again. In the past he has donated to his diehard fans and followers, things like a Lamborghini, an island, cash and many other things. MrBeast is well known for his generosity and doing challenges dubbed ‘MrBeast Challenge’ on his YouTube channel. The veteran YouTuber who started his YouTube adventure in 2012 at the age of 13, never used to have many views during his early days. His breakthrough came in 2017 when he did a video called ‘Counting to 100, 000’. That is when he gained the attention of many people and his following started increasing. Now, MrBeast has a YouTube channel with over 42.7 million subscribers and still counting.  This is enough motivation for small YouTubers that all things are possible if you are not faint hearted. Today MrBeast is a YouTube sensation. However, he is not just a sensation because of having millions of subscribers, but mostly because of his philanthropy.

Whoever wins in the challenge will go back home smiling after amassing huge numbers of subscribers.

Your Network determines your net worth

As they say, your network determines your net worth. Sometimes even being a YouTube subscriber could make a massive difference to your life and business. This is what recently happened to a YouTuber by the name Matthew Doyon AKA Zealous who competed in a challenge and his life has never been the same again. Zealous is a 20-year-old man based in Colorado, USA, and he is clearly a Jesus lover.

Public declaration of love for Jesus Christ

On Zealous’ Facebook page, he wrote: “I am 20 years old living in Colorado, and I love making YouTube Videos! Jesus paid the price!”

On Zealous’ Instagram profile, he wrote: “God has created you and me to serve and be a gift to those around us.”

In his YouTube channel description, Zealous wrote:“Remember that only YOU can be who God created you to be, so choose TODAY to live joyfully and courageously, through every mountain and every valley. One of my goals for the channel is to cultivate a community of WORLD CHANGERS, acknowledging that as we sharpen each other and love our neighbors as ourselves, that we can change the world one person at a time… If you were wondering, yes! I am an unashamed disciple of Jesus Christ! Whether we believe the same or different, I am so thankful to have you here.”

Matthew Doyon AKA Zealous, the 20-year-old Winner of the recent MrBeast Challenge

Zealous, Photo from his Twitter profile

A week ago, MrBeast, selected three of his lucky subscribers to compete in a ‘MrBeast Challenge’ in which they would be competing for 1 million subscribers. Out of the three contestants, by the time the challenge was over, the young YouTuber, Zealous emerged the winner in the challenge. Zealous who had less than 100,000 subscribers before the challenge, now has over 1 million subscribers and he is still counting. This has resulted in his video trending on YouTube across the world.

MrBeast’s major accomplishments, in his own words

According to MrBeast’s YouTube channel description, his major accomplishments are as followers:

Counting to 100,000, counting to 200,000, reading the dictionary, watching dance till you are dead for 10 hours, reading bee movie script, reading longest English word, watching paint dry, Ubering across America, watching It’s everyday bro for 10 hours, saving Logan Paul 100,000 times.

Although MrBeast is very generous, he does not tolerate people who write to his email address asking for money. This is what he wrote on his YouTube channel description:

“Do not email me asking for money, you will be ignored and blocked.”

This means that MrBeast does not like people who wish to receive money without having done anything. It is fair, isn’t it?

It is not too late to network with people who can make a difference in your life. Furthermore, you should have a heart to empower others as we see in MrBeast and Zealous. Additionally, you should not be ashamed to profess your love for Jesus Christ, as we see in Zealous. Lastly, if you are a YouTuber or potential YouTuber, be encouraged that if you work hard and refuse to give up, one day we will read your story. Get busy building your YouTube channel now!

Dr Wilbert R. Mutoko

Dr. Wilbert R. Mutoko holds a Ph.D. in Business Management (North-West University, SA). He is a speaker, consultant, and scientific researcher in leadership, strategy, financial wellness, and entrepreneurship for the past 16 years. A vibrant international motivational and keynote speaker, Dr. Mutoko lights up many events from corporate to family events. He is currently the Managing Consultant for Chief Cornerstone Holdings (Botswana) (Pty) Ltd T/A Success Training Africa; a company that does Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and Financial Wellness Consultancy. This includes business diagnosis, scientific research - market surveys, environmental scans, and re-branding exercise. The company also does strategy reviews, leadership training, and conflict resolutions.Dr. Mutoko is an author of four self-help books (three on personal finance and one on relationships).He has spoken/consulted in Dubai, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana for organizations such as government departments, The British Council, Barclays Bank, Lucara Botswana, National Olympics Committee, Mapleton Group, UNISA, BAMB, Universities, and various churches.A sought-after speaker, Dr. Mutoko is passionate about changing lives in Botswana, SADC, Africa and beyond. Therefore, over the years he has coached many people on relationships, marriage, business, and personal finances. Dr. Mutoko has furthermore addressed the nation of Botswana several times on financial issues and personal development through Yarona FM, Gabs FM, RB2 FM, and Duma FM. He has also impacted Botswana through E-Botswana TV.

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