Posted Dr. Wilbert R. Mutoko | 29 April 2020

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In this interview clip (5 minutes 49 sec), Thobo Khathola (Botswana) (CEO of Lion Tutoring, and Forbes 30 under 30, 2020) explains how entrepreneurs and business leaders need to arise during a crisis and how to deal with unemployment. He gives hints on business ideas for entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs during and after Covid19. Thank you for watching it. Please share, like, and comment on the video. Remember to subscribe to the channel and click the notification button to get new videos each time I upload:

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Dr Wilbert R. Mutoko

Dr. Wilbert R. Mutoko holds a Ph.D. in Business Management (North-West University, SA). He is a speaker, consultant, and scientific researcher in leadership, strategy, financial wellness, and entrepreneurship for the past 16 years. A vibrant international motivational and keynote speaker, Dr. Mutoko lights up many events from corporate to family events. He is currently the Managing Consultant for Chief Cornerstone Holdings (Botswana) (Pty) Ltd T/A Success Training Africa; a company that does Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and Financial Wellness Consultancy. This includes business diagnosis, scientific research - market surveys, environmental scans, and re-branding exercise. The company also does strategy reviews, leadership training, and conflict resolutions.Dr. Mutoko is an author of four self-help books (three on personal finance and one on relationships).He has spoken/consulted in Dubai, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana for organizations such as government departments, The British Council, Barclays Bank, Lucara Botswana, National Olympics Committee, Mapleton Group, UNISA, BAMB, Universities, and various churches.A sought-after speaker, Dr. Mutoko is passionate about changing lives in Botswana, SADC, Africa and beyond. Therefore, over the years he has coached many people on relationships, marriage, business, and personal finances. Dr. Mutoko has furthermore addressed the nation of Botswana several times on financial issues and personal development through Yarona FM, Gabs FM, RB2 FM, and Duma FM. He has also impacted Botswana through E-Botswana TV.

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